Having worked in various areas of the animation industry, I never gave any thought to become an actor. I then began to think of how important voice was to story telling. Through my industry networking and social media I’ve gotten to know quite a few Voice Actors and wanted to learn more about their work, I wondered if there was anything I could learn from them that would improve my ability to write the scripts they voice.

With that in mind, by mid 2019 I had decided to take lessons in Voice Acting. 2020, as odd as it was, became the year of learning for me. I am now committed to a career in Voice Over.

Richard Horvitz – Workshop A & B
Tony Oliver – Introduction and Intermediate V.O. classes
with Adventures in Voice Acting
Sarah Barker – Announcing For Electronic Media – Pasadena City College
Martin Noyes – Improv – Fullerton College
Michael Mueller – Voice For The Actor – Fullerton College
as well as other training seminars and workshops.

Home Studio – Recording Booth from VocalBoothsToGo.com
Microphone – AT2035 (XLR) – Audio Technica
Headphones – Monitoring – ATH-M20x – Audio Technica
Interface – Scarlet 2i2 – Focusrite
DAW – Audacity



You can hear me in the first part of the audio drama produced by ATOMIC RADIO THEATRE’s audio drama BEST FRIENDS FOREVER:

RADIO ANNOUNCER AND INTERVIEWER – Craig Miller “Star Wars Memories: My Time In The Death Star Trenches” – 2021
As part of my college class ANNOUNCING FOR ELECTRONIC MEDIA – I did this interview with Craig Miller about his book and time working for George Lucas on the original STAR WARS movies. You can hear it as part of Pasadena City College’s LANCER RADIO NETWORK.

Lancer Radio Network – Pasadena City College

Such Strange Thoughts – 2021

As a Voice Actor I took a college course called VOICE FOR THE ACTOR. The next two videos are from that class. The first was for the Dialect assignment in which I performed as Willy Loman in DEATH OF A SALESMAN with a Northern Irish dialect:

Rounded With A Sleep – 2021

The class assignment I had to select and perform a monologue from Shakespeare. I selected to play Prospero from The Tempest. I did surprisingly well with it that I decided to draw the scene as a rough Animatic in STORYBOARD PRO:

THE CRYPT – Halloween Story for 2020

TALES OF YESTERYEAR Told In Future Tense – My Toastmasters Speech about what love for Old Time Radio and what lead to me becoming a Voice Actor. – 2020

THE SHEPHERD’S INN – A Christmas story I wrote and narrated – 2018