This month of August (2017) I am doing a series of sketched based on the career of Comic Book legend Jack Kirby’s career.

I started off with the Blue Beetle because that was the first masked hero that Kirby illustrated. It appeared in a news paper comic strip.

My second illustration is of Sandman and Sandy the Golden Boy.
Ol’ Wesley Dodds tosses away his trench coat, fedora, and gas mask for the bright tights that all the latest heroes were wearing. He also picked up a young Side Kick.  Sandy’s shirt changed a little from issue to issue, but here he looks striking like Captain America’s partner Bucky.

Speaking of Cap, the third sketch is of Captain America and based on the cover art of Captain America #1 in 1940.

I hope to continue drawing more Kirby characters through out the month. (I did continue to draw Kirby characters through out August 2017, see my portfolio.)

Hope you enjoy.