Yes, there are four names up there and they are all mine. It’s a family thing. What is important is people remember me because of it. At least one Hollywood Executive has called me “Mr. Four Names.”

Beyond my name, it is the subtitle that this blog is about; when you see or hear my four names you will think Professional Creativity and think of me.

For over twelve years, I have worked in a wide variety of areas across the entertainment industry, focusing on television animation. I have worked as an assistant to studio executives, producers, and can be wherever needed. I started out as a comic book illustrator, (which I still do online at, then headed into animation both traditional and 3D. Along the way I realized what I was doing was story telling.

And that’s when my career as a professional television animation screenwriter began. Including having co-written episodes of the Japanese series MIDNIGHT HORROR SCHOOL for Milky Cartoons. I have been hired to write and develop a series bible and pilot script for an independent producer, that received positive responses at MIPCOM. I was also the creative/business consultant on the series as it went through many stages of development and pitching. Most recently, I had the opportunity to pitch a series of my own to both Nickelodeon and the Disney Channel.

While waiting for the next writing assignment, I am seeking a “day job,” which is just as hard as finding a show with a script opening. As my passion remains in animation, with an understanding of both story and art I am seeking a production position to coordinate both sides to produce the best possible series.

So, when you need a creative and professional mind to add to your show think of “the kids with too many names”, think of “Mr. Four Names,” think of…

Kevin Paul Shaw Broden