The End of the World came on Good Friday.

A million wings flaps and the sounds of thunder rolled across the horizon. The Heavenly Host was so massive that their very angelic presence blocked out the sun sending the entire world into darkness.

Each Angel drew their sword that sparkled like lightning and fire. The first of these flaming swords had blocked reentrances in to the paradise garden and access to the Tree of Life. Now a million more such blades were about to do the deed for which they were forged.

The world is full of sin. There was no one righteous, not even one.

For man had abandoned the ways of God, and even now rejected him when he walked among them.

The mission of the angelic army was to bring the Wrath of God upon the world and to destroy all sin.

This time they would not Passover, their command was irrevocable. There must be payment for man’s sin. It would be total, it would be ultimate, and it would be finished. It would be the end of the world.

The order was given, they moved out. Their very approach towards the world brought forth earthquakes.

One was sent ahead, it was the very same angel that had blocked the way towards the Garden, now used its burning blade to cut the curtain in the temple. Access to the holy of holies was now open but there was no longer anything inside. God was not there.

Their eyes burning with anger and wrath the angels approached the city, none would be spared.

But then a shout came from below: “It is finished!”

Suddenly their wings altered direction, and a million angelic torpedo’s with blazing swords ahead of them all dove towards one location; towards one man, one man hanging upon a cross.

Did they know that the man their blades were striking, one for every sinful soul upon the earth, was their own God who had sent them on this mission?

They could not hold back their blades, even if they wanted to.

In seconds, their mission was complete, the man was dead, sin and evil was defeated.

The world of sin came to an end.

A new world would dawn three days later.

Kevin Paul Shaw Broden