Kevin Paul Shaw Broden
“Four Names of Professional Creativity”

Kevin believes that his creative gift as an artist and writer are heaven sent. When he was very young, while his grand parents were in the hospital, and stuck in the lobby waiting room, the chaplain took pity and went back to his office returning with two comic books. A SUPERMAN and THE FLASH.

Kevin’s life would never be the same.

With a passion for comic books, which grew to include animation, Kevin would take art courses throughout college. As his drawing progressed he would soon discover what he was really doing was story telling in all its forms.

After college his professional career began as a background illustrator in the first issues of SUPREME for Image Comics, he would also do color layouts for them.

On the side he began to develop a comic book series called FLYING GLORY, about a super heroine in the 1940s. Serious attention was shown to a series pitch, but the publisher went out of business before any deals could be made.

With the help of author Shannon Muir (who would later become Kevin’s wife), the series was redeveloped into a modern story about the heroine’s granddaughter gaining the same powers, but more interested using them to promote her high school rock band she leads with her friends, which became the online comic book FLYING GLORY AND THE HOUNDS OF GLORY, Kevin co-writers and illustrates the series which has been available online over 15 years. You can follow the story at

Kevin’s passion and career, along with Shannon’s, turned to animation where they both writing scripts for series such as the Annecy Award winning Japanese show MIDNIGHT HORROR SCHOOL. These scripts allowed Kevin and Shannon to join the Animation Writers Caucus of the WRITERS GUILD OF AMERICA west.
From narrative illustration of comic books and animation, Kevin has gone on to make his creative mark in prose story telling as well. He has written two novels, CLOCKWORK GENIE and REVENGE OF THE MASKED GHOST along with multiple short stories across the genre spectrum of Fantasy, Mystery, and Romance. He also does book illustrations.

Comic books were never far from Kevin’s heart, as he recently wrote and illustrated a story about the golden age vigilante known as the VEILED AVENGER for the publisher AIRSHIP 27.

Kevin is also a Voice Actor for animation, radio dramas, and commercials.

Kevin’s Heaven sent passion for story telling continues and he wants you to be along for the ride.