From facebook:

Shannon Muir wrote on your wall.
“Hey, you need to update your blog!
(Hey for that matter I need to update mine. 😉 Seem to have reduced my life to Facebook updates.)
We’re writers, we should be WRITING,…”

She’s absolutely right, I need to be writing more here on my blog, but I find writing a blog, or journal to be harder then writing anything else, would like to hear what your thoughts are on that.

That said, I’ll give it a shot.

A few years ago, during one of those rare moments that it rains in Southern California, I was heading towards a job. As when it does rain here, it was coming down hard, flooding streets and houses were sliding down hills (we’re thinking of making it an Olympic sport, House Sliding), and I was caught in the middle of it.

I had been called by my temp agency to head up to one of the studios to sit at someone’s desk. I’d prefer being hired on permanently, but I can’t turn down even the smallest job if it will get me closer to working in animation. So happy to have even a one day job, I jumped into the car and headed North towards the valley of the studios.

Heading up the 5 FWY, the rain was getting heavier, but that didn’t stop everyone in the cars around me to try and keep as close to the speed limit as possible. Moving at a “safe” speed I came to a place in the FWY where it drops down under a railroad bridge.

That’s when everything went crazy. The water was building up in the lower area of the road, and I hit it and began to hydroplane.

I lost control of the car and it flew across the road and spun around and came to a stop in the fast lane facing backwards. Realizing I had come to a stop I was able to take a breath and look over to see my passenger door only inches from the wall that supported to bridge above. Then I looked around to discover that there wasn’t one care on the road, when there had been many only moments earlier.

I began to thank God for protecting me, from hitting the wall, and for having cleared the raod so that no one else was caught in the accident.

The road remained clear long enough for me to turn the car around and get moving again, but it wasn’t long before others were traveling along side me once more. It was as if they had vanished from the road and now reappeared.

I remember pulling off the road into a parking lot to let my heart slow down, but once settled I started moving again and headed for the job.

A job, like I said, was a temp for only one day; but it was in or related to the animation industry that I kept going even after a near crash.

Though it has been a real struggle for e to find employment, especially in animation, I am so dedicated to it that nothing is going to stop me from working in it.

Now to get a long term job in animation, no car accident will keep me from it. I just need to find it.