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Month: April 2017

Praying in the Garden

For Good Friday, I decided to post a drawing. A sketch I did this morning.

This scene has always meant a lot to me. I have also thought that the three prayers that Christ sends up to God is as much for us as it is for himself. Hundreds of years before the spirit of Death visited Egypt claiming the first born children of the land, passing over those who sacrificed and placed the blood of the lamb upon their doors. Now the spirit of death was returning and it had its eyes set on the entire world. There would be no stopping it, but God had a plan. His own first born would be sacrificed and his blood spilt on the lintel of the doorway of our lives. Upon the Cross.
He was praying that death would not come, but he knew it would.
“Yet not my will, but your will be done.”
The cross awaits him, but so does the empty tomb. For all of us.
Sunday is coming.


While at last weeks Sister’s in Crime meeting it was mentioned how this was National Library Week, and it got me to thinking of the Libraries in my life.
I suppose the first library I knew was the one in Elementary School, it was a side room to the Multi-Purpose room, and didn’t have a lot of books, but enough for what was needed for the school.
The second Library was when our town opened up a brand new city library. There had been a previous library, going way back to when it was shelves in a corner store. The main library is now a museum, but when the new library was opened my mother made certain that I was the first one there when the doors opened and I was the first to get a library card in the new library.

I was never a great reader growing up. Having to take special course to help improve my reading.  Thank goodness for those instructors because they let me know that it was okay to read comic books. “If he’s reading, let him read.”

Later, in Junior High and High School, I spent a lot of time at the school libraries.  Mostly it was to get away from the bullies of the school. I didn’t have a lot of friends then, but I did have books.  I probably read more books during those lunch hours than I had anytime previously.  I’m very thankful for those times.

I would continue to go back to our city library, renewing my library card every few years.

Now I live in another city with a great big library dedicated to the arts. I know I’m going to be spending a lot of time there.

And perhaps one day, one of my books will be in a library near you.  Would you check me out please?

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