Hi all,

Really didn’t want to take this long to get back to posting, but it happened all the same.
Here are a few things that I’ve been up to.
The final page of Issue 9 of Flying Glory and the Hounds of Glory. I’m currently painting the cover art for Issue 10 and hope to have it up with in the week.
I am also in the process of redesigning my website, but won’t post the link here until it’s finished. Will be really stressing my animation development and production work there.
Things seem to be going better in my pursuit for work. Though I not hired yet, I have been meeting with people from several different studio who are really interested working with me. Yesterday’s meeting could really turn into something fantastic.  I also got to pitch another series idea and expect to hear back on it in a month.
Looks like I may be in a gallery show next month, will post all the appropriate information when it’s ready.  Have to actually finish the art work itself first. 🙂
Speaking of art, as bonus for sticking with my quiet moments here, I’m posting drawing that will eventually be part of new website. I do most of this type of work, like I do the web comic, on my computer using Painter. So these “pencils” were actually done digitally, I will then “ink” it and paint it the same way.
When I wrote the Title line for this blog, I was thinking in one direction, and then I realized what I really wrote.  Don’t know about the rest of you, but thought my writing and art work is done for a job, it is also done out of enjoyment.  I love animation, that any hard job is also enjoyment. Creation is Recreation.  What do you think?
Stick around, I hope to have more postings soon.