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Month: April 2015

Mother of the Universe

Really got a thrill from all the people who liked my blog about Star Wars the other day, thanks a lot.

Tonight’s random thought is about He-Man and The Masters of the Universe.

I haven’t been following the current comic book version of THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE so I don’t know if they’ve cover this in their story, but I had a thought while driving tonight. (Yes, animation from the 1980s fills my mind from time to time).

There could be some really interesting stories told about Prince Adam’s mother. She could be a female Flash Gordon or Buck Rogers.

In the original animated series, we learn that Queen Marlena is actually from Earth. That she was an astronaut on an experimental trip to Europa but was knocked off course and crashed on to Eternia. As the story is told, King Randor finds her and eventually marries her.

That’s nice and romantic, but there is so much more that could be told. An Earth Astronaut (probably with military background) lands on a very alien world would want to know her new home and explore it. There would be many adventures she could have before finally marrying the King. Eventually having children who would become He-Man and She-Ra. She might even oppose the king until she finally falls for him (or he for her.)

As I said, Marlena Glenn (her last name obviously not a random choice for an astronaut) should be a female adventure hero like Flash Gordon on the planet Mongo, or Buck Rogers in the 25th Century.

I write New Pulp, stories in the fashion of the old Pulp novels and about adventure heroes of the past, Marlena of Eternia would make a great heroine all on her own right standing up there with some of the greats.

There might also be a romantic triangle between her, King Randor, and the man who would become Skeletor (in some stories he’s Randor’s brother, so this would really work).

As a writer “I have the Power” to create adventure stories like this. I may have let that power go to my head.

Kevin Paul Shaw Broden
Four Names of Professional Creativity

A Saturday morning thought – Star Wars.

Saturday morning thought:

Thinking of the different outfits Princess Leia wore in the original movies. Most people think of the basic white from the first movie, and then they go directly to the sexy Slave Girl Leia outfit.

But I like her dressed as the bounty hunter “Boushh”, even though you can’t see that it’s her. It is perhaps the most romantic of the outfits, because it shows the effort Leia goes to in order to save the man she loves.

Just my thought for a Saturday morning.

Silly late night comic book thought…

Silly comic book thoughts (not based on any ‘announcement’ or image released today).

If the modern day Batman was became Ra’s Al Ghul in a similar way to whats happening in the ARROW tv series; he would move the entire League of Assassins to Gotham. They would become Batman Inc. and he’d put at least one member on every street corner.

A week later the Joker would have killed half of them with Joker gas.

…Okay, I’m too tired. Going to bed now.

The DC Comics Move

Thinking about DC Comics​ having now moved from New York to Burbank.

Having wanting to work for DC since childhood, I only got to visit their New York offices (666 5th Ave) once.

While on a family vacation we were touring the city, and thought it would be neat to drop off a fan letter directly to the offices. (It was for the first Annual of BATMAN AND THE OUTSIDERS.)

While touring the city we picked up lemonades from one of the street vendors. Unfortunately, I hadn’t finished mine when we arrived.

“I can’t take my drink into an office building,” and reached out my arm just as I entered. My arm got caught in the revolving door, and my watch was flung across the lobby. (I have no memory of what happened to the lemonade.)

Thank God my wrist wasn’t broken, but it did hurt for days.

Even with that happening, we still went on up to the DC Comics offices.  Being my shy self, and distracted by what had happened to my arm, I was slowly and quietly approached the reception desk. I told them that I had a letter to drop off.

I sat on the lobby couch next to the worlds famous Clark Kent (as many others have mentioned this past week), with the glass table filled with comics in front of me, and eventually got to talk with someone and give in my letter.  I didn’t get a tour or see art work, but it was still a really great time.

Since that time I have gotten to many of the artists and writers who were working for DC at the time.

Now that DC Comics has moved to Burbank, and I’ll be living only a few miles away starting this summer, maybe there is a greater chance for me to work for them.  I promise not to bring lemonade into the office or get hurt while I’m there.

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