I’ve been home now nearly a week since the San Diego Comic-Con, boy does time fly.  Other people have already posted their thoughts on the Con, and I probably don’t have a lot to add, but here is a small ramble if nothing else.I’ve been attending the con for many many years now, since it was at the downtown convention hall and watched it grow every year since then. The first year I was there the total number was 5000, today we reach over 120,000 people and can’t really get much hire then that.

Even though it was crowded, I wasn’t really bothered by the crowds, I was a crowd to them after all.  I won’t even blame the greater influx of Hollywood.  Someone the other night said that it was Hollywood was taking too much of the con.  But I see all this as part of the same. Sure there is a love of comics that have been pushed into a corner, but truthfully we are all part of the same world of visual story telling.  Over sixty years ago there were comics based on movies and comedians like Jerry Lewis and Bob Hope.  I think that the important thing in all this is that the world, if for only those four days a year, sees comic books, animation, gaming, television, and movies as equals and all have time to shine all interconnected.

I guess I can say that because I have great dreams to be working in all those areas and see them all the same.  Sure writing for a comic is different then for movie, but it is still story telling and that’s what I dream to do.  There are those who get into animation as a step towards live action writing, but there are also live action television and movie writers who are now writing for comics because they love.

I haven’t always been the best at networking with people at the con, and the crowd makes it all the more fun at trying it.  But I came away from this con feeling much better about things, and making greater contacts along the way.

Didn’t expect my ramble to go in the direction it did, but that’s where it is. I have a passion for story telling, visual story telling, “narrative illustration” as my professor and I called. So I’m going be working in this world right along side the best comic, animation, gaming, and movie giants.

Hope you all had a good time and enjoying your summer.