Thank you all for following, liking, and sharing, all my #animateaugust sketch series of animated characters whether on instagram, deviantart, facebook, twitter, tumblr, or pixiv in Japan.

Really appreciate the support and encouragement.

It began as turning my


account into an art portfolio of my work in a more animation styles, as I’m use to drawing in a traditional comic book style (such as my webcomic Flying Glory and the Hounds of Glory –

), and to promote myself. So I decided to devote all of August to drawing characters from current animated series I enjoy and some I didn’t even know about.

This has become a really enjoyable experience and challenge, as I discovered what drawings people liked best, what worked in one picture and didn’t in another. Discovering what shows are popular, not only here in the U.S. but also around the world.

Images in this series got more likes and shares than any other post I’ve every made.  That’s kinda thrilling.

“Music on Swan Lake”Duchess Swan and Sparrow Hood from Ever After Highreceived 27 notes on Tumblr, and 24 likes on instagram

“Is her destiny to be forever alone” of C.A.Cupid also from Ever After Highreceived 39 notes on Tumblr, and 26 likes on instagram

In the process of doing these sketches I discover shows I knew nothing about:

Miraculous Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir (a sketch that got 63 views on Pixiv).


Regal Academy (which I felt awkward about after drawing all the Ever After High princesses).

I also drew characters from:

Monster HighVoltron Legendary DefenderDisney’s Descendants’ Wicked WorldDC Super Hero GirlsStar DarlingsMy Little PonyEquestria GirlsGlitter ForceWinx Club

Some people wanted me to color some of the drawings, others gave me a suggestion of shows I had missed out on, and others wanted me to draw one of their original characters, (I might do that in the future, we’ll see.) I am contemplating doing commission work, but don’t know how that works or if anyone would be interested.

Anyway, as I said, it was a great experience and experimenting in art styles I’m not use to working in. I hope to do a lot more of it, and I’d really love to be able to work on any of these shows or ones like them.

I plan on expanding my portfolio of work, drawing more of my own character sketches, designs and animation art experiments, but from time to time I’ll sneak in another drawing of some of your favorite animated series characters as well. I have an idea for another Monster High sketch, but it maybe a while and will probably give it more time than the ones I did this past month.

Again, thank you all for your supportive likes and shares, and encouragement.

See you around the sketchpad.


Kevin Paul Shaw Broden

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