Do you have someone who’s willing to give you a good swift kick in the pants? You should.

Someone willing to tell you when you’re heading in the wrong direction, or not moving at all. Who can pull you off the couch and down into the desk chair and stand over your shoulder to make certain you start working.

They’ll remind you of what your original goals are and help you refocus on your target once more.

You might get momentarily upset with them. After all getting kicked in the rear hurts. But the sting will fade, and it’ll be soon be forgotten as you thrown yourself back into the work that is your passion, whether it be writing the novel that’s been collecting dust, or finishing the next page of your comic book.

Or, get back to writing that blog you left hanging several weeks ago. (Who, me?)

For me, that person is my fiancée Shannon Muir who last night wanted to know what I was currently doing in my writing. I told her of all the plans for this project or that.

That’s when she gave me that strong swift kick in my pants.

She didn’t tell me anything I didn’t already know, but reminded me of all I was capable of, and what I should do to get myself moving again. I had no right to complain I didn’t have enough time (that’s an easy one, I know you’ve used it too), but she gave me the kick saying that I’m only working three days a week while she works a full five days and sometimes more and is still able to find the time to write the latest installment in her WILLOWBROOK SAGA series of novels.

Shannon also gave me some guidance towards how to get myself and my books noticed and revive my existing websites to use them for the best outcome and promotion.

So with her standing over my shoulder ready to give me that next hard kick, expect to see more of my work, and more activities out there starting this week.

Thanks Shannon it only stung for a little while, I still love you.

Kevin Paul Shaw Broden
Four Names of Professional Creativity