As a member of the Animation Writers Caucus, I am considered an associate member of the Writers Guild of America.
This allows me to watch this strike from slightly to outside the battle arena. As a non-voting member of the Guild, I have no influence on the outcome of this strike.  But the outcome of this strike will have an influence on my future and my standing as a member.
Yes, I’ve been on the picket lines, which has been fun and encouraging, as nearly everyone who drove past honked their horns with positive, supportive, enthusiasm.  (I say nearly everyone because I did see a few faces and downward pointed thumbs from people who are clearly not happy with what we are doing.  And I respect that.)
But I do feel guilty for not being there more frequently along side my fellow writers, so I try to contribute where possible.
The Guild is providing a news letter for the picketers called Writers: On the Line, and I am drawing comic strips to be included in it.
That was for Issue #3, I plan to do more.  Though truthfully we would all like to think that there wouldn’t be a need for too many more of these newsletters.
As I said, I can’t always be involved, but along with the comic strip, maybe there is something I can write here in support of my friends. These will be my own opinions on such matters, and I will try not to rehash what far better bloggers have already said.