It arrived last Friday. That little number 10 envelope with my name printed both in the center as well as the return address corner. And a nice little stamp I had placed upon it just over a month ago.

It was a month ago, on my birthday that the postal system’s website told me that they had delivered my fantasy novel manuscript to a big name publisher in New York. Now one day short of being exactly a month, I receive the REJECTION LETTER (Que: menacing drum beat.)

The letter spoke of how it was a difficult market to break into, and how my manuscript didn’t fit their needs at this time. It also said that I shouldn’t give up, that another publisher might buy it, and wished me the best of luck on my future writing career.

Yes, it was the basic form letter, but that’s okay.

This was not the first rejection letter that I had ever received, and since I don’t plan on giving up writing this won’t be the last rejection letter either.

Now on to more writing.

Kevin Paul Shaw Broden
Successful Writer
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