…yeah, right!

The rain was fierce today. It was so bad this morning that I chose not to drive the freeways to my part-time job.

After I took my wife to her job I headed straight home. Figured I could get some writing done.

That was not meant to be.

I lucked out and got a parking space right out front the apartment. However, my lucked failed when I discovered that someone had broken their key off in the gate’s lock.
With the rain pouring down on me I attempted to get the piece of the key out, but to no avail. So I headed back to the car where I waited in vain for someone to come out the gate but no one arrived.

After talking with my wife on the phone, and attempting to reach the apartment manager, I planned to go spend the day at a local shopping mall before someone could get the door repaired. But before doing so I wanted to check one more time to see if anyone was around that might let me. But by then the rain was coming down so hard that the street was a flood and when I opened the car door I stepped out into ankle deep cold water soaking my shoes and socks.

So for the next few hours I spent in the mall with ice cold soaking wet feet until the manager finally got back to me with the code that would let me in without a key.

So don’t anyone ever tell me it doesn’t rain in California.

At least I didn’t come down with a cold.

Kevin Paul Shaw Broden
Four Names of Professional Creativity