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Happy New Year – 2024


1 – Full Time Job

2 – Make myself known to Casting Directors

3 – More Regular Voice Over Auditions

4 – Book Voice Over Roles

5 – Start a regular Stream

6 – Be part of an Improv Group

7 – Play at least one Dungeons & Dragons game

8 – Be able to afford more VO training



1 – Full Time Job
I am seeking a production position in television animation, but open to other positions in and out of the Entertainment Industry:
Production Coordinator.
Administrative Assistant
Executive Assistant
How can I support your company? Ask for a resume.

2 – Make myself known to Casting Directors
Get to personally know at last 10 Casting and Voice Directors at
Animation studios such as Disney, anime ADR directors, games, and commercials.
Who should I reach out to?

3 – More Regular Voice Over Auditions
A minimum of 500 Voice Over Auditions.

  • Audition for Animation roles at Disney (and elsewhere.)
  • Audition for Commercials on a regular basis.
  • Audition for Anime ADR.
  • Audition for Hoyoveres games like Genshin Impact.

4 – Book Voice Over Roles
• Book a minimum of 10 animation/anime roles that I can talk about by the end of 2024.
• Book a minimum of 25 commercials I can talk about by the end of 2024.

5 – Start a regular Stream
Start with prerecorded posts on YouTube and then stream live either on Twitch or YouTube to discuss my experiences and what I’m pursuing.
If it works out, I might create a VTuber.
What should I Stream? Thoughts?

6 – Be part of an Improv Group
Before Covid I got to sit in on one Improv session, and took an Improv Class at Fullerton College. I’d like to attend at least 4 Improv Sessions in 2024.

7 – Play at least one Dungeons & Dragons game.
Have loved D&D for a long time, but have only played two games, both in my Improv Acting class.

8 – Be able to afford more VO training.
I want to take the “Singing for Animation” class with Voice Masters.

I realize that I haven’t blog often, but I intend to do more this year. The blog may relate to what I Stream.

Three Months of Animated Joy

Been a while since I last posted, so here’s a brief run down of what I’ve ben up to.

I’ve continued to take Voice Acting classes through the year.  As much of a struggle this past year has been, being able to take classes by Zoom has been a great blessing. If I had completed my original Voice Over class in the studio, I know I would have pursued this goal further but I don’t know if I would have ever have taken as many classes in person in such a short a mount of time.  I have been very blessed.

I have more classes I want to take, but also wanting to have a professional demo reel produced, both of which are limited by my budget, so finding employment is a must.

Which brings me to what I’ve been doing for the last three months.  

I’ve been working in animation.  Yes!  I’ve been working in animation. You don’t know how thrilled that makes me feel.  Yes, I worked on another animation production a few years ago, but it didn’t go anywhere, but it was a good learning experience. This was much more than that.

Years ago I got to know Mike Young when his company was producing VOLTRON THE THIRD DIMENSION. We had been looking for a way to work together for some time.  Now years later it looks like we might have a chance.

Mike now runs a company called SPLASH ENTERTAINMENT About three months ago I got a call that they had an opening on a production and was I interested. YES.

After an interview with the producer I started working as a Production Coordinator in July and for three months it was a fantastic experience. 

Basically it was a lot of moving data around, tracking notes given by the director, editor, and producers as each new scene came in. I also got help compile lines of dialog in preparation of doing ADR retakes and schedule time with talent and the recording studios.

The job ended yesterday (Sept. 30th, 2021), but I am not disappointed. Even though it only lasted three months it was a very enjoyable and learning experience.

I can’t tell you what the movie is yet, but when it comes out next year be sure that I’ll be talking about it and promoting it.

Have already begun searching for the next job, but I now feel like I am standing on a solid foundation of not only experience but of the type of jobs I will be looking for from here on out.

Thank you all for the support.



2020 – Obstacles Are Not Walls

My 2020 vision is clear, and goal is unchanged, but the New Year has thrown a few obstacles my way.

I started the year off with a sever cold. Actually I first got sick early in December, and the cold came back right before Christmas and though I thought I was getting better with the New Year I am still suffering a terrible cough and sore throat. The later of course is preventing me from doing any real vocal exercises, reading aloud, or even singing.

Hopefully this will pass in the next few days.

The next obstacle that got tossed my way was when I went back to work after the New Year, only to find out that the part time position I’ve held for 9 years is being eliminated and that by the end of January I am being laid off.

I was quite surprised by this bit of news, but at the same time not horrified. The position had been part-time since the beginning and there was every intent that I would be finding a full time position elsewhere. It is more surprising that nine years have passed since I was hired on. The position has evolved and changed entirely from what it was originally intended to be. I have been very blessed by the position, the knowledge I have gained from it, and the friends I have made.

Over the last few years I had come to decision that it was time to move on, but I couldn’t do that until I had a stable position lined up. So I thought. With less than two weeks I have to kick my job searching into over drive. It’s not easy, because I have to find new places to look than I have in the past. Staying very positive that a job will come soon.

On a more positive note, I attended my first IMPROV workshop. My ongoing cough didn’t allow me to participate as much as I would have liked, and the scenes they set up were more complicated than I had expected for my first attempt, but all the same it was a great learning experience. Had a good time.

I had plans to be part of a one day Voice Over workshop in February, but with my budget suddenly haltered I will have to postpone that for a while. However, I had already put a down payment on a six-week course starting in March before the New Year, and have saved up the rest of the money separately for that.

So all things considered I am still have 2020 Vision on my goals for this New Year, and to be learning all that I can of Voice Over Acting.

For now I must also have an equally clear focus on finding full time employment.

Hopefully my voice will clear up soon, and I’ll be speaking clearly. If for nothing else, than a few wallas.

I appreciate all your support.

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